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According to a “source,” singer Beyonce Knowles is expecting her first child. Ok, great. Why is this news? Every 10 minutes, a baby is born- so why don’t all expectant mothers get a headline? What makes her so special? If they are going to announce an expectant birth, it should be to that of a true hero (i.e. female soldier) and not some over-paid celebrity who contributes little to nothing to our society. That’s my two cents.


OMG, why do people who are famous for nothing get headlines in the news for? Seriously…who the heck is Melissa Rycroft and why does the world need to know that she’s expecting a baby girl? Hmmm….must be a slow news day, I suppose!

By the way, Melissa, stop trying to get your 15 minutes of fame. Nobody cares about you- end of story.