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In other news, Taylor Swift hates talking about her personal life….yet she loves to sing about it. Is it me or are celebrities not that bright? Seriously, what the heck? Whether you are singing, talking, or writing about your personal life, you are still sharing it with the public. That’s just common sense, man. Do yourself a favor, Taylor, and stop writing songs about your ex-boyfriends before they come after you with a .45 and a shovel! Hey, just sayin’…


So, have you heard? Apparently, ’90s comedienne Jenny McCarthy was never honest during her 5-year relationship with actor Jim Carrey. Yep, she was faking her persona that ENTIRE time. Seriously, should anyone believe this? Well, here’s my take on it: this chick is only saying this just so she can get press for her up-coming book on….relationships. Hmmm…shameless, right? Well, what Jenny McCarthy needs to do is be a friggin’ woman and stop blabbing about her ex-relationship for publicity. Yes, Jenny, you were relevant,like, 20 years ago; however, these days nobody gives a hoot. Now do all of us a favor and please.go.away. While, you’re at it, take Taylor Swift too. Thanks.